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I’ve Moved!

I have some exciting new to share! As I’ve traveled on this journey toward my own heart, it has led me to a new space in the blogosphere. The Re-Picturing Women Project has moved over to my new website, I bought the domain name,, a few months ago, but I’ve waivered and waffled on actually taking the step to make it my own.  However, it will offer a lot more creative flexibility for Re-Picturing Women, so I know that it is the right move.

What do you need to do to continue on this journey with me? Simply click on the link to my new site and update your Google Reader, RSS feed, email subscription, or bookmarks. I hope to see you there!


re-picturing FLOW

Dear Friends,

As I’ve journeyed toward a more balanced version of me, listening carefully to what my heart is telling me every step along the way, I’ve noticed that when the going gets tough, I should sometimes get going and sometimes stop and take a break.

Lately, I feel like I’ve been banging my head against the wall and it’s starting to hurt. So, I’ve decided to sit this round out — to take a breather. Take a moment to realign my heart and mind, my body and soul. No worries…I will return next week. I’ve got interviews with several amazing ladies for the re-picturing women project in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share some fascinating new research about women and their bodies. Here are a few pictures that I took of wildflowers along a Colorado stream earlier this summer. They have been a gentle (and needed) reminder for me to surrender to the flow of the universe.


Do you need to press on, take a break, make a u-turn? Are you resisting the flow of the universe?