Truths from my Journey

I’m celebrating my birthday today. It’s not actually until next Tuesday, but July 19th did not neatly fall on a weekend, so the party (yes, party) we planned either had to fall a few days before or after. Oh, did I mention that its not just A  birthday, it’s one of the “BIG” ones. Even though it will pass just like any other birthday or any other day for that matter, it has been the catalyst for a yearning of my spirit to find some significance in growing older, some meaning in where my life has been and where it is going.

As I remember the happenings of the past decade and dream about the possibilities of the next, instead of focusing on outward, external accomplishments (e.g., my life list), I find myself turning inward, trying to grasp what I know for sure, aching to articulate my own personal truths from my journey. These are my truths right now at this moment. They don’t necessarily reflect the truths from the past decade, although some do. I’m not sure that I’ll carry all of them into my future journey with me, but some I will. However, this is a picture of my truths, right now.

1)   Everyone just wants to be heard

2)   The Universe has room for all of us

3)   Running feels better than not running

4)   I need 8.5 hours of sleep, even though I try to convince myself otherwise each night

5)   Always order what the house specializes in at restaurants (i.e., don’t order a salad at a burger joint)

6)   Most things take 3 times longer than I think they will

7)   The only predictable thing about crazy people is their craziness

8)   Aperture priority rules

9)   Self-love is a work in progress

10) My dog will always have to tinkle right before Penn State is about to score

11)  Always wait a few days to step on the scale after vacation

12) My partner and I will always fight on the first day of a trip

13) Follow your gut, it never lies

14) True friends are willing to have the difficult conversations

15) Reclaim the moment because life is simply a smattering of moments

Even if you don’t have a BIG whatever coming up, might you be able to find some grounding in your own personal truths?

Photographer: Tom Tiegs

  1. Happy birthday! Love this picture, and love your truths. Lots of wisdom here. xox

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful you! Love that our b-days are only 9 days apart! So much truth here in this post for me as well.

    • Lavonia
    • July 15th, 2011

    I wish I could be there to celebrate with you, you know that I am in spriit! I love your truths, especially #7! 😉

  3. I resonate with so much of what you shared here. Thrilled to be a part of your journey and so grateful to be celebrating you. xo

  4. I resonate with so much of what you shared here. Thrilled to be a part of your journey and so grateful to be celebrating you. Happy birthday!! xo

  5. Happy early Birthday! I relate to just about every one of these ideas, and having had a BIG one myself not too long ago, it feels good to see I’m not alone. You are such a beautiful, soulful person. I consider myself to be infinitely lucky to know you, now and as you keep right on growing. 🙂

  6. I love these truths and share most of them. Although I can’t really relate to the aperture unless you are talking in metaphors and then I’m totally there.) I think I will spend some time thinking about my own truths — one of which is that “the big ones” never seem quite as “big” looking in the rear view mirror from the next milestone. I only wish I had your big one coming up and not my next big one. 🙂 But I will wish you an official happy birthday tomorrow — and know that I think about you often.

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