re-picturing THE LOVELY LIST

Have you made your lovely list? It’s a list of those things that you love about your body.

Can you list five things you love about your body?

This question often meets with an empty stare and a thoughtful silence.

OK. One thing that you love about your body?

Something you even like about your body?

When I ask people what they hate about their body, comments abound. If we really want to transform from self-hatred to self-love, we need to be able to look in the mirror and find something, anything that is endearing.

Now wait. This will not work if it is not authentic. Half-assed affirmations about bodies do more harm than good.

I love my thunder thighs. Cellulite makes my arms more interesting. No, no, no.

However, can you come up with 5 things that you actually like (perhaps even love) about your body. If you can, write them down. Share them with someone. Post them here. If you can’t, ask someone else. Often times others reflect our beauty back in ways that we cannot do ourselves.

My list is below.

1) The color of my eyes — a mix of aqua that appears blue in some light and green in others

2) I have successfully run 26.2 miles in the Marine Corps Marathon.

3) My straight white teeth (from 5 years of braces starting in 2nd grade)

4) I enjoy moving in my body — walking, running, biking, swimming, skipping, hopping, jumping — it makes me feel alive.

5) I have a relatively narrow waist (that remains narrower than my hips and breasts no matter how much I weigh), so A-line skirts look good on me.

Wow, that was actually kind of fun. Your turn 🙂

  1. Great list Sarah!
    1. My beauty marks that run across my chest. they almost are in a perfect shape of a necklace.

    2. My eyes

    3. My feet. I love that my toes are long enough but not too long and that I actually have a decent sized nail on my little toe which means I can actually paint my nails.

    4. My calves. Probably the strongest muscle on my body.

    5. My flexible joints and the ease I feel with most yoga poses.

  2. Great idea (if challenging)!

    1. My skin. I have been blessed with nice skin that hasn’t been tortured by acne, break-outs, or other traumas.

    2. My eyes. A deeper blue that I enjoy.

    3. My freckles. They give me some character.

    4. My height (I’m 5’9″).

    5. That it has been strong enough to kick cancer’s ass!

  3. 1) My hair. It’s gorgeous and curly and I love it. It’s big & flamboyant, just like me.
    2) My tits. Woo.
    3) My brain. I’m really intelligent and I love that.
    4) My skin; I don’t get much (if any) acne and it doesn’t scar as much as it probably should with how much I pick at it.
    5) How good I feel after I do yoga.

    Wow, that was super hard.

  4. 1. My big, blue-grey eyes.
    2. How amazing my body feels after a good workout or yoga session.
    3. My shape that has stayed proportional no matter how much I weigh.
    4. My strength and flexibility that allow me to do things like hike 13 miles in one day and Irish dance despite my size.
    5. My rosy complexion and how good my skin looks when it glows after exercise.

    • thecandiedmango
    • May 23rd, 2011

    1) The beauty mark by my mouth. It’s the perfect size and shape.

    2) My lips. The bottom one is rounded and pouty, which I think is pretty, and my husband thinks I’m a great kisser 😉

    3) My hips/butt. They’re surprisingly large for a short white girl, and my mother has complained about them for years (who asked her, anyway?) but I like how they look.

    4) The proportions of my body. People don’t believe me when I tell them I weigh 150 lb, which is both weirdly flattering and kind of sad.

    5) My hands. Sometimes I get a little bummed that I have such stubby fingers and huge palms, but I’m proud of everything they can do—I bake like a mofo, I’ve birthed puppies, I’m good at painting and drawing, I can fix a bicycle, and I have a very strong handshake for which I have received many compliments.

    • Karin
    • June 8th, 2011

    1 My scar from my appendectomy. 10 cm and awesome (it looks like a battle wound!).
    2 My tits, (named strange and charm)
    3 My many-colored eyes
    4 My flexibility
    5 My nails, which seem to stay at a perfect length: short enough to be practical (for typing), long enough for me to find them pretty.

  1. May 13th, 2011
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