If you haven’t noticed, I have started a new project. Actually, I’ve started two projects (more on the 2nd one in a minute).

I’ve been posting pictures from the first project (which I’m doing as part of my photo 4 class) which perhaps not surprisingly involves picturing WINE.From a photography perspective, wine should be fabulous…the glass from the bottles, the texture of the corks, the reflections of the glasses, the actual colors of the wine.

But, I just haven’t been feeling it. I think I’m feeling a bit let down from the show. I’ve been stressed at work. I’m tired and feeling a little sick.

However, today I made a decision. Rather than avoiding my blog and waiting for the perfect image, I’m going to lean into this moment of difficulty and trust that it will work itself out. Whew. Are you avoiding something that you need to step into?

Also, I have a 2nd project underway which I will be revealing soon. One hint: I will be unveiling it on ……..Valentine’s Day….which is not a coincidence (it has something to do with the project!). Any guesses?

  1. I love these new wine photos. I think they’re great and that perhaps you’re being a little hard on yourself (takes one to know one). I have an idea about the new project, but can’t wait ’til you unveil it!!

  2. Yo check it (the website 🙂 Heeeeeeey, this is beautiful , it is one of my favorites so far!!! The wine project sounds fun and btw there are lots of lovely vineyards here in So Cal.

  3. This is my favourite of the wine bottle series – it’s like a mixed-media abstract with paint, light, reflections. Well done.

    I think the thing I am having to lean into right now is winter, this grim, unending winter. I can see why our school district puts a week-long break in February, and many people will go find some sun. That is not in the cards for us this year, so we will have to find our own cheer. Meh.

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