picturing WRAPPED UP


So many things are getting “wrapped up” right now. The presents for the people in my life are getting wrapped up.The semester is wrapping up. The year 2010 is wrapping up.  Although wrapping things up can be a time of hecticness (yes, that is not even a word, but it has been one of those kind of weeks) and chaos, I’m trying to focus on reflecting on these various projects. Reflecting on this past the semester — the exciting (awards, publications, and press releases) and the not-so-exciting (rejections and grading). Reflecting on 2010 — feeling like I’ve made leaps and bounds creatively — (starting the photography blog, new connections with others, the photography exhibition) and feeling excitement and hope for what the universe has to bring in 2011. What things are you wrapping up right now (both literally and symbolically)? Can you give gratitude for it all and see the the ups and downs as gifts in the journey of life? Maybe you’re in that space, maybe you’re not, but it something to consider.

  1. Grate photo, love the focas and deepth of it.

  2. I love this. The perspective is perfect.

  3. Awesome shot and one I would have never thought to take!

  4. This is an absolutely fabulous shot! The colors are so wonderful. (Now, I’m inspired to try something similar! Thank you!)

    • Ray
    • December 18th, 2010

    Beautiful photo and post! I might wrap up my presents today! 🙂

  5. Very pretty, congrats on the win this week!

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