picturing OLD BEAUTY

Old beauty sounds like a contradiction in terms. So often as a culture youth is equated with beauty. We’re quick to throw old things (and often old people) to the side. However, as I look through the lens, aged objects capture my fancy. There is something oh so intriguing about a weathered piece of wood. The way the sun glimmers off a rusty bar. I like to think of the lens as a form of a alchemy. It offers us an opportunity to see an aged ordinary thing in a novel, often extraordinary way. And, by click the shutter, we literally transform the old into new.

    • Jet
    • October 9th, 2010

    Sarah, I am really enjoying your blog: your photos are luminous and your perspectives are thoughtful and inspiring. Well done! You may be new at the blogging thing, but you have nailed it!

    • Hi Jet,
      Thank you for your lovely posts on my blog! It’s so nice to hear from someone new visiting the blog. I’m glad you are enjoying my pictures and perspectives! I LOVE your sign!!!

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