In everyone other place I’ve lived, the fallen leaf is the quintessential picture of fall (see yesterday’s post). The perfect picture to represent fall in Nebraska, however, is a sunflower. Yes, the leaves still change and drop, but for me they blend into the background as the millions of sunflowers pepper the Nebraskan landscape. They grow at the edges of corn fields, on isolated country roads, and even in the median on I80 (which turned out to be a lovely fall surprise when I was doing the 60 minute commute between Omaha and Lincoln). They’re also a perfect reminder of the abundance of universe. No one purposefully plants them each year, hoping that they will grow. They just bloom and share their beauty with us, at no cost, each fall. Our only job is to take a moment or two and notice them (which can be surprisingly difficult in our busy lives). As the temperature starts to drop and after a very hectic and tiring week of work, their sun warms my soul.

  1. I love this photo! Nice twist on fall!

    • Tara
    • October 6th, 2010

    I LOVE sunflowers! Have I ever told you my story about those? It’s a good ‘God’ story. Makes me so thankful for where I am everytime I see a sunflower. Thanks for the reminder today 🙂

    • I remember that you have a special connection with sunflowers…you have a beautiful painting from your sister, right? What is the story again????

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