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picturing SWEET JOY

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope that each of you takes a moment to enjoy the sweet joy of this day -- whether it is a child's delight in trick-or-treating, a pet's cute costume, or a delicious piece of sweetness that you only allow yourself once a year.


picturing CATTAILS



picturing APPLE SEASON

In my photo 3 course, we are now working with photographing people and using the flash. I am not loving this portion of my training. I tend to focus on the objects more than the people in the shots and I despise the flash. However, I'm trying to think of interesting flash-friendly objects. Apparently, things like water, hair, and holiday lights are more flash-friendly. If you have more tips, let me know!

picturing FALL BEAUTY

Whew! My recent posts have been short and brief. Things have been hectic -- work is crazy, but I'm also fitting in fun things, including my trip to Grand Forks last weekend, a Roger Waters Concert last night (which was a-mazing!), and photography class tonight. However, when I take a moment to catch my breath, I find that I'm often drawn to the subtle beauty of fall. Although the bold tones of crimson and gold often catch my eye, I am also drawn to the rich browns that color the autumnal season. In this photo, I love the sunflower, but I was more drawn to the beautiful browns in the background. Hope to have more time to write soon 🙂

picturing NAILED IT



country road